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Facebook Algorithm Shows Gender Bias in Job Ads, Study Finds

Algorithmic Bias || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

Researchers found the platform’s algorithms promoted roles to certain users; company pledges to continue work in removing bias from recommendations

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In India, Facebook Grapples With an Amplified Version of Its Problems

Ethical Engine - Representation

Diversity Equity and Inclusion || Module || Long (10+ min)

A teaching module based on Tetula's Person Model


Teluta's Person Model

China Passes One of the World’s Strictest Data-Privacy Laws

Internet/Privacy || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

China’s once-freewheeling internet faces new rules protecting personal data, as the world’s largest online population awakens to privacy concerns

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Asilomar AI Principles

Robotics Applications || Blog Post || Short (5 min or less)

The Asilomar AI principles, as drafted during the 2017 Asilomar conferece. They are a set of principles to guide the development of future artificial intelligence.


ACM Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

Professional Ethics || Report || Long (10+ min)

The 2018 edition of the Association of Computing Machinery's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

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Hospital and Drugmaker Move to Build Vast Database of New Yorkers’ DNA

Leader of Apple activism movement says she was fired.

Japan Loves Robots, but Getting Them to Do Human Work Isn’t Easy