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How Germany Hopes to Get the Edge in Driverless Technology

|| Transportation Applications || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

A new law allows autonomous vehicles in everyday use and provides legal consistency lacking in the United States.

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Tapping Into the Brain to Help a Paralyzed Man Speak

|| Health and Medical Applications || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

In a once unimagined accomplishment, electrodes implanted in the man’s brain transmit signals to a computer that displays his words.

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Bourdain Documentary’s Use of A.I. to Mimic Voice Draws Questions

|| AI General Intelligence || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

The documentary “Roadrunner” by Morgan Neville uses 45 seconds of a voice that sounds like Bourdain, generated with artificial intelligence. Is it ethical?

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After Backlash, Predictive Policing Adapts to a Changed World

|| AI General Intelligence || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

Software developers and city governments are rethinking how and when to use algorithms that promise to curb crime.

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Faces are the Next Target for Fraudsters

|| Facial Recognition || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

Hackers are pioneering new ways of tricking facial-recognition systems, from cutting the eyes out of photos to making a portrait ‘nod’ with artificial intelligence.

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Fired by Bot at Amazon: ‘It’s You Against the Machine’

|| Future of Work || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

Contract drivers say algorithms terminate them by email—even when they have done nothing wrong.

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A.I. Drone May Have Acted on Its Own in Attacking Fighters, U.N. Says

|| Robotics Applications || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

A United Nations report suggested that a drone, used against militia fighters in Libya’s civil war, may have selected a target autonomously.

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Vulnerabilities in billions of Wi-Fi devices let hackers bypass firewalls

|| Security || Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

FragAttacks let hackers inject malicious code or commands into encrypted Wi-Fi traffic.

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Amazon will block police indefinitely from using its facial-recognition software

|| Facial Recognition || Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

Nearly a year ago, Amazon said it would stop providing its facial-recognition software, Rekognition, to police for a year. Now it appears that ban won't be ending any time soon — if ever.

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Facebook Algorithm Shows Gender Bias in Job Ads, Study Finds

|| Algorithmic Bias || Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

Researchers found the platform’s algorithms promoted roles to certain users; company pledges to continue work in removing bias from recommendations

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