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Gender bias in recruitment: How AI hiring tools are hindering women’s careers

|| Diversity Equity and Inclusion || Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

Artificial intelligence is enforcing existing gender biases when it comes to recruitment, according to a new report. But it may have one saving grace.

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Flawed AI Makes Robots Racist, Sexist

|| Algorithmic Bias || Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

New work led by several universities, including Johns Hopkins, shows that neural networks built from biased Internet data teach robots to enact toxic stereotypes

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Focus: U.S. cities are backing off banning facial recognition as crime rises

|| Facial Recognition || Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

Facial recognition is making a comeback in the United States as bans to thwart the technology and curb racial bias in policing come under threat amid a surge in crime and increased lobbying from developers.

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IRS plan to scan your face prompts anger in Congress, confusion among taxpayers

|| Facial Recognition || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min)

Starting this summer, you’ll need to provide a video of your face to access the agency’s website. It’s a major expansion of the use of facial recognition software by the government.

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How AI can identify people even in anonymized datasets

|| Internet/Privacy || Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

Weekly social interactions form unique signatures that make people stand out

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Robots rise to meet the challenge of caring for old people

|| Robotics Applications || Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

Robotics technology is improving, but its routine use in the home, hospital and care settings could be a long way off.



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Group Backed by Top Companies Moves to Combat A.I. Bias in Hiring

|| Algorithmic Bias || Media Article || Medium (5-10 min) || URL ⇲…

Medical Records Data Offers Doctors Hope of Better Patient Care

|| Health and Medical Applications || Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

Healthcare professionals are beginning to tap the treasure trove of information locked in electronic health records to treat people in real time

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Walmart is using fully driverless trucks to ramp up its online grocery business

|| Media Article || Short (5 min or less)

Walmart and Silicon Valley start-up Gatik said that, since August, they’ve operated two autonomous box trucks, without a safety driver, on a 7-mile loop daily for 12 hours.

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