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This is the fourth lab for computational art (CS1) where students write a program that creates two different images using Processing each of which are generated by an algorithm when the program is run. Each of the two different images must use repetition (that is, some visual elements that are repeated, but that may be slightly different) using loops and a function to draw the repeated element. The goals for this lab are:

  1. Practice using a loop control structure to generate patterns/scenes
  2. Practice using functions to re-draw parts of a scene
  3. Practice using random to produce desirable colors and design layout
  4. Practice using structured layout in 2D space
  5. Consider the role of repetition in art

As with prior lab assignments, I recommend having students set up a Pinterest (or any image sharing site) account to share their creations. This provides students an opportunity to pin reference art (which I tie into the research phase of the engineering design process) and to pin final results and share their work more broadly with friends and family. Another option is to have students set up their own webpage (if possible) and export their sketch to run as javascript so the interactive elements of their sketch are also shareable more widely. 

Engagement Highlights

Art is a compelling context to many students in computing and is therefore both meaningful and relevant as well as interdisciplinary. The final art piece is graded by an in person demonstration to the instructor or TA. Within the confines of the assignment, students are allowed to choose their own scenes (one that is more structured and one that is more organic).

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