Word Template (last updated Sept 14, 2022)

LaTeX Template (last updated Sept 14, 2022)

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Example Submission

Each OER submission consists of two parts: 

1) a 1 or 2-page paper whose audience is the instructor or teacher. The paper provides an overview of the purpose of the instructional materials along with implementation recommendations and helpful advice. Authors may include student feedback on the assignment as one of the paper sections, if available.  Use either the Word template or the LaTeX template above to create your submission. All identifying information must be redacted from the paper when it is submitted for review.

2) The paper is accompanied by the student-facing materials (including the specification and any starter code) which should also be made available in an anonymized format for review. The authors may also provide additional instructor-facing materials (such as grading rubrics or autograder code) to complement the summary paper. We require all materials to be submitted directly rather than as links to instructor-maintained repositories or websites. Although a submission may contain links to reference material, all supplementary materials which are considered to be part of the submission during the review process and accepted for publication must be stored on the ACM EngageCSEdu site.